Commander Series Tanks
Above Ground Water Storage Tank Options

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Commander Series Fill Station

Commander Series Fill Stations were designed as an in-line anchor to aid in the safe, secure transfer of liquids between any liquid storage facility and transport trucks. The main purpose of the Fill Station is to mitigate and minimize the hazards associated with the transfer of liquids and prevent any damage to company assets such as pit liners, wildlife netting, hoses, piping, storage tanks, etc.

In the event an incident does take place, the Fill Station insures that any damage or release will be limited to the hose connecting the Fill Station to the transport trucks and the amount of liquid in that hose.  This stop gap will eliminate, or at least minimize, any potential damage to the storage facility while providing a safer working environment for those using them.

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Commander Series Monitoring

Tank Monitoring System consists of a sensor managed by a full-featured remote access & control system.

The Tank Monitoring System includes the following features:

  • Customizable application programs & display menus
  • Remote communication unit
  • Web-based application with an available iPhone/iPad remote access & control application (gives you the ability to monitor the Commander Series Tank level, volume and temperature anytime, anywhere)