About Resource West

Resource West - Creators of the Commander Series Above Ground Storage Tank

In 2011 Resource West recognized the demand for quality Above Ground Storage Tanks in the oil and gas industry. With a design in mind, Resource West focused on service, safety and reliability first and foremost, while providing an environmentally responsible produced water containment solution. Resource West's next focus was size and portability. Our tanks provide advantages in unconventional plays for exploration and production operator, consultants, and water management companies.

Resource West has manufactured five sizes ranging from 9,000 bbls to 51,000 bbls to accommodate customer requirements. Depending on the size of the tank, a complete Commander Series tank can be transported using four to five trucks and erected on site in one day. The Commander Series tanks are also designed with an insulation option to help with heat loss and/or freezing conditions from cold weather elements - saving time and money in the water heating process. The end result of the Commander Series is a convenient solution for water storage, while at the same time cutting transportation costs and decreasing heavy truck traffic significantly.

Commander Series Above Ground Storage Tanks are now the leading product on the market. We continue to evaluate our safety, design, size, and portability to keep our cutting edge and advancement.


Our Staff:

Derek Gingerich
+1 (970) 201-6004

Emily Kincaid
Business Development Manager
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Wade Johnson
Above Ground Storage Tanks - Field Operations Supervisor
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